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Geniemax is a small company that believes in creating the impossible things in this web universe.

We create stunning products and offer excellent online support.

About Geniemax

Geniemax is a professional company that stands out from the rest for its excellent web hosting services as well as some of the stunning web applications they have launched online.

Geniemax believes in the ideas that many other companies would frown upon, with its years of online insights and skills Geniemax is the one company that can point you in the right direction no matter your demands.

Through unparalleled services and our one-of-a-kind business model, we strive to influence the web in becoming a more friendly market, rather than a universe filled with greed.

Geniemax has surely got a lot of hard work to do, and we are diligently working to make sure there will always be something new, ultimately allowing us to push more benefits to the face of the web time after time.

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The magic at Geniemax

With such a stable platform in place, we are on a mission to influence and add to the way in which the web operates, creating new careers, jobs, partnerships, and training.

It is a portal where you can find all the services you need to work on your web based idea. We offer a wide range of services that include website management and web hosting.

Yesterday was something else, tomorrow? It's Geniemax

Professional Web Services

We pride ourselves on the excellent web services that we offer and support. Join us on a mission to create a more user friendly web universe.

Private Web Hosting

Don’t waste time doing the complicated server task for your website; let us, the professionals manage it all for you.

Quality Support

We are a friendly company to approach, we will help you with the general web queries whether you are a client or a complete stranger.

The Genieverse

Geniemax creates stunning websites and well performing web applications (internally). We are on a mission to create a better web universe.

Our Mission

Here at Geniemax we put our focus, time and skills into creating innovative web applications. All our projects are engineered with love and passion.

Geniemax is on a mission to change the future of web and web based businesses for good. Our associates, team, and partners expect to grow up to hundreds and thousands. This we aim to achieve by creating a futuristic system that not only focuses on the success of all the businesses that we work with, but also one that can be remembered for its excellent services.

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