About Us

Geniemax is a solution-oriented company, which offers flexible web solutions for growth management in small and existing businesses.

At Geniemax we believe that every idea is worth believing in and with our technical background we can help you refine your ideas and capitalize on it by aligning you with all the correct resources you need.

Our unique platform has been influenced from working with other established companies and business owners. This may be both online and offline. At Geniemax we have created a reliable team in order to bridge the difference between businesses, professionals and customers.

We love sharing ideas. We are open to learning new things. Engaging in new experiences and growing our team, clients and partners.

We take passion in our work and the work of those we work alongside. More importantly we understand the importance of growth in business. So we will always go that extra mile for you. That’s a promise from Geniemax to you.


Turning Failure into Strengths

Here at Geniemax we carefully take the time to understand all enquiries and request made to us in order to assist our customers effectively. We spend time highlighting the strengths and weaknesses with an idea that you may have. We look at and do research to see how a business idea would scale in the real world based on factors such as trends and competitors. We believe that taking this approach will always save our customers from suffering the repercussions from an unexpected turn or a project failing to reach its actually audience.

Sharing Ingenuity and Insight

We acknowledge that the success of our clients should be our foremost concern. Empowering growth and professional management means our clients will hit more milestones. As our clients business grow, we learn more and our business grows also. We are very helpful even in areas that we do not cover. We will always give our support, knowledge and insight in order to see that our clients find the answers that they seek.


We have set out on a mission to create more jobs, careers and partnerships online through the growth of each of our networks.

Our team and partners expect to grow into hundreds and thousands. We aim to achieve this by creating a more futuristic platform that connects non technical users to a platform that can reward them for their time and efforts.

We pace ourselves to progress steadily instead of rapidly growing. Through unparalleled services and our one-of-a-kind business model, we strive to influence the web in becoming a more friendly and shared market between businesses and general web users.