The change that has influenced the growth of our company

Geniemax is a business, which was officially registered in 2014. Crafted by a talented young web engineer. It all started by what seemed like an idea to something that would bring such value to the web. This off course includes its clients and the growing number of partners that Geniemax has today.

Starting out being his own boss our managing director had the joy of being in the business, both profiting from web projects and also investing in the company’s trademark and foundation. When asked at times he always say “It was a feeling that I wish would last forever” of course that wasn’t going to happen especially what came upon the company next.

Challenges, Challenges and more Challenges

We faced many challenges such as clients delaying to send us information. Customers backing out on their orders and us losing business deals due to high price quotes. This is what we considered to be all part of the average start-up business not knowing any better.

Work, Work, Work

Surviving the challenges into the months of running Geniemax creating websites and working with a wide spectrum of clients the company would soon need to reflect on its prices. Looking at availability on top of handling the high demands that came through the door.

We wanted to ensure that we could provide quality web solutions and support, with reliable web servers and also value our time better.

We decided to change direction, lower our costs and only work with private clients. This meant saying “I am sorry we cannot assist you with that project” which would cost us more than 60% of our profits. This allowed us to respect our values, grow as a business and saw an increase in profit margins.

Geniemax realised in itself that its values are worth more than its profits. Making that decision back then has allowed us to be in a much stronger position today. The saying goes hard work pays off. At Geniemax we have shown this by pleasing our record number of happy clients. Thanks to our reliable trusted partners who has helped us reached the stage we're at today.

Moving on…

As a company we have gone from strength to strength. Starting from what was a web development company, to providing server support. Supporting businesses around the clock which in return has helped us to establish great partnerships. Now this may have cost us in the short term but has benefited us majorly today.

Overall the key benefits of our decisions back then is we learned something new. We accepted changes. We are now much better researchers, decision makers and a company overall.