Web Hosting and how we grew our numbers

Web hosting is the very core of our foundation and here at Geniemax we have learned a lot over the years. As a business we have faced many challenges which is the key to holding lots of answers to the solutions that exist. Just like flowers need the right environment to grow so does a business. That's why we know exactly what existing and new customers could potentially face when it comes to their business.


Our history starts from building high performing websites. Over the years we have used our skills and knowledge to assist other business owners. Enhancing their business as well as applying effective strategies to their website and web application.

We always have your back.

Previously we provided hundreds of small hosting accounts. What this meant was that most of the web related issues our customers faced they would come to us first. Despite the fact that most of these issues was out of our coverage we always explained to our customers, supported them and guided them in the right direction. In return we established later the respect that would help us grow as a business.


Whilst many other providers would charge for extended support we provided the time. Despite facing a loss we would often assist with much of the work for free. We didn’t want to just be a provider who dipped our hands in the pocket of those who needed help but instead we wanted to be the friend that our clients could confidently approach and seek help from.

We received lots of positive feedback about our services and uptime and many of our customers would often ask us to assist their friends or would message us with details. With a high number of new clients rolling in they would normally introduce themselves and tell us that an existing client has told them about our services and asked if we could assist them.

Thank You Customers!

Word of mouth became something that brought rapid growth to our network. Thank you to the newcomers. They would see exactly the goodness that those who recommended us saw and they would also do the same which created a strong cycle.

It's all about LOVE

We showed love to everyone. Helped each other and wasn’t scared of asking our clients for help and support if they had services that could benefit us. We have built up many friendships, partnerships and collaborated on many business plans. Together we can say that we are very happy with the numbers that we have today.