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Geniemax business community is a part of our network that is always expanding. Our community is a place where our ideas and strategies are transformed into effective tools to support the growth of online careers and job opportunities.

Why should you join our community?

Our community network is continuously growing and through feedback we are working together to create more effective tools to connect general web users with professionals. Our network is self funded and supported by many of our partners as we aim to create a more balanced online platform that can create more jobs and careers for those who want a more stable income.

Opportunities at Geniemax

We are continuously growing our company and network so new opportunities will pop up and being a part of our network means you will be the first to hear about it with plenty of time to respond to and gain profit from it also.


We have approached many of our successful partners and have been approached by many partners who we happily welcomed to our network. We like making new friends, working together and building new partnerships no matter how small the idea is. We have an open mind when it comes to new founded partnerships.

Jobs at Geniemax

We don’t like posting job offers because we like to put in the hard work by finding and connecting with team members who we feel are passionate to support the growth of our company.


We know exactly what we want from business and we know for sure that we love collaborating with others. Do you have an interesting project? Are you low on funds? Do you not have the correct team size? Do you require partners to help you? Then what are you waiting for. We can give you a hand.

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