Small business help

At Geniemax we support small businesses that are growing. This may be offline or online. The support that we provide includes structuring, strategy planning, researching and development.

Business innovation and development

1. Website Solutions

Having a website is a powerful tool in which it allows you to address any concerns that your customers may have. Geniemax can help you with your website demands, through planning and development. Let our team help bring your vision to life.

2. Project Planning

Once Geniemax has a clearer understanding of what you want from your business, we can map, prototype, test and build your desired project just the way you want. YOUR website is a vital part of your marketing efforts, in reality it is the face off your company. Hence why project planning is so vital for any form of web project. Done in the correct format it will set the tone and foundation for what will be a successful site for your business.

3. Business Architecture

Thinking of how to achieve this? This can only be achieved with solid knowledge, which is learnt in the early stages of a business. In particular start up businesses need to absorb all they can in order to achieve, grow and survive into a flourishing business. At Geniemax we cannot stress the importance of it; if you really want success then it's imperative that you have a strong foundation.

4. Growth Analyse

At Geniemax we are built to optimize your growth. Track, analyse and optimize is what we see as a fundamental aspect when it comes to business. We can help you analyse the progress within your business, understand your growth and align you with top of the range effective tools so you are always on top of everything.

We don’t claim to be the best, we’re just really good with Business

You might be at a stage where you are unsure exactly how you would like your website to look. At Geniemax our expert team of developers can work with you in order to integrate the very best features for you.

Bespoke Web Solutions

Geniemax has worked on many projects and we respect the privacy of our clients. This is one of many reasons why don’t believe in showcasing any portfolios. All projects are bespoke and are tailored to meet the requirements of our customers.

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