Website Maintenance

Its vitally important to regularly update your website to avoid being penalised by search engines and at the same time keep your new and existing visitors satisfied. Here at Geniemax we are continuously working on new ideas for our website to keep the business growing by providing insightful information about our web solutions services available for our visitors.

Security Securing your customers information

When collecting sensitive customer information it is very important to secure this information and treat it with respect. This information can include details such as, username, password, credit card details as well as other forms of identity. We can help you avoid the repercussions by helping you secure your own information as well as your customers information.

Performance & Uptime Fast websites are the big winners

Keeping your website online is our upmost concern and we can help you keep your visitors satisfied by offering you one of our many hosting packages. We will help you manage your hosting account, which means you don’t need to have any server knowledge either.

Website Updates Out of date websites are so unattractive

We work closely with our customers to ensure that their websites get updated whether its theme changes, addition of a feature or simply adding new content to your site. Websites that are not designed properly will bring less traffic to your site.

Customers will easily get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again. We can help you update your website on a regular basis which means more traffic and sales from your visitors. We can help with updates whether its adding new content, features or tweaking the way the website looks.

Hosting & Backups Backup your website like you do to your mobile phone

It is imperative that every single website back up their information. Failing to backup information up would be similar to your phone data being wiped without any way of retrieving it. Many businesses have collapsed due to the loss of information. Don’t make that mistake. We provide this option for all our hosting accounts because it is crucial.